Preparing for Christian Believer Book Reviews – A Shocking Story Exposed?

Natural disasters, calamities and pandemics test the preparedness of people and governments. However, in the face of chaos, it’s every man for himself. How prepared are you for contingencies? Do you have any survival tactics to get through a disaster or pandemic? In 2020, the Covid pandemic served as a wake-up call for people to always be prepared to survive. Survivors recommend everyone learn alternative basic skills, including:

  • How to make water clean with minimal equipment
  • How to Make Food Last Longer Without Refrigeration
  • How to make your home sustainable and safe
  • How to use essential plants and plant extracts that serve as alternative medicine
  • How to survive physically and mentally without technology

Technology is great, but what happens when there is no electricity or hospitals cannot provide the necessary care? Preparing for the Christian Believer is a step-by-step guide with the correct information to help Christians survive any disaster or pandemic. What’s in the Christian Survival Book? How can you buy it?

What is preparation for the Christian believer?

Prepping for the Christian Believer is a systematic survival guide by Alexander Cain to help you through any disaster. The author provides insightful advice to help them survive when food, shelter, medicine and other necessities become scarce. Additionally, Alexander Cain claims that what is happening, the strict mask-wearing laws and lockdowns, are the beginning of the tribulations prophesied in the Bible.

When disaster strikes, sometimes your bank account won’t help you survive. Only endurance skills can determine whether you live or perish. As a Christian reference work, the Bible purportedly contains the “words” of God. The author of Prepping for the Christian Believer claims that every world crisis had been prevented in the Bible. The official page quotes an extract from the Bible, “So you must be ready, for the Son of God will come at an hour you do not expect. » Some biblical analyzes show that God, although supreme and provider, requires Christians to take their protection and their needs seriously. Unfortunately, disasters and pandemics strike when we least expect them. For example, major disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, have destroyed properties worth billions. The disaster also claimed hundreds of lives. Thousands more were left homeless and without food, shelter and medical supplies. Also, no one can predict how long a contingency will last.

Why Do Preppers Fail?

Inability to identify the crisis

Most people believe they have the right skills to deal with contingencies. However, seasoned and novice survivors alike fail to deal with difficulties primarily because they don’t think they’re in crisis until it’s too late. Alexander Cain explains that the holy book clearly spelled out the signs of an emergency and the end times. Additionally, calamities in America and other parts of the world, including the rise of false prophets, wars, and drastic laws, are all foretold in the book of Revelations.

The ability to recognize critical situations helps a person stay prepared. For example, after the 2020 pandemic, most people learned that the health sector cannot always protect them. Therefore, it is necessary to seek alternative and safe methods to keep you and your loved ones in perfect health even when you cannot access medical care. Alexander Cain asserts that we are at the “beginning of sorrows,” as the Bible predicts.

Same Methods Preparations

Alexander Cain states that most survivalists follow the same methods, which means everyone makes the same mistakes and misses the same things. He equates such a situation where people go for a potluck, and everyone brings an identical dish. A good prepper must learn considerable survival skills to keep himself and his family alive when times get tough.

Knowledge of herbal antibiotics, water purification, securing their home, etc., is essential for survival. Also, when there is a shortage, people can kill or loot. To avoid such situations, Alexander Cain recommends combining the word of God with practical survival skills.

What’s inside the Believing Christian’s Preparation Book?

In the first chapter, Alexander Cain describes Preppers in the Bible, including Noah and Moses.

Readers will learn why the most powerful nation in the world (America) is not mentioned in the Bible.

Alexander Cain explains what “the beginning of sorrows” means and why a Christian must be prepared.

Page 36: What lessons can we learn from the Covid-19 crisis?

  • A complete list of “must haves” in an emergency
  • Why faith is crucial in survival
  • How to Make Your Home a Survival Sanctuary, Whether Above Ground or Underground
  • How to repel marauders and looters from your home
  • Indigenous survival techniques that can help you in times of calamity
  • How to keep your food stock for more than 20 years
  • How to make a paramedic first aid kit from scratch

The 90 pages Preparing for the Christian Believer guide gives readers unique and practical skills for survival. Plus, the survival guide uses technology-free methods to help you thrive physically, emotionally, and socially in the face of turmoil.

Prepping for the Christian Believer Pricing and Reimbursement Policy

The preparation of the Christian book is available only through the official website. The author claims that some people are pushing to remove it from the internet. Therefore, you must have your copy. A 2-month refund policy protects every purchase. Likewise, Alexander Cain is sure you will find Prepping for the Christian a revelation. The 90-page guide is available in pdf format, which Alexandre recommends that you print and have a hard copy. After making payment, Alexander Cain sends a link to download the book.


The 30 day emergency plan is a pdf copy to keep you from panicking when disaster strikes. Alexander Cain rationalizes that an emergency makes people violent and irrational, which leads to poor survival options. 30 Day Contingency Plans help you stay focused no matter what tribulations surround you, allowing you to make practical decisions.

Survival Mindset is a pdf guide that helps you stay in the right mental state during a crisis.

Last word

The Prepping for the Christian Believer is a 90-page book of Christian survival skills to help you weather any disaster. It includes vital survival information that can help you when you have no access to medical care, government assistance, and food supplies, among other necessities.

So don’t wait, click here to buy Christian Believer Book Preparation today!

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