Book Reviews: Top New Book Releases Our Team Can’t Put Away

Each year welcomes a new variety of fun and fresh reads, and 2022 has been a great vintage!

From fiction to memoir and even a bit of royalty, these are the 10 best books that dropped in 2022 that our team of (self-described) book nerds can’t let go.

Need a Christmas gift idea or even a small gift to treat yourself? You will find it in this list. We are certain!

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Best Autobiography

I’m glad my mother diedby Jennette McCurdy

“My kids grew up watching the TV show iCarly and I have to admit that I really liked it too. Like the rest of the world, we thought Carly’s sassy sidekick Sam Puckett, played by Jenette McCurdy, was the real star. We all thought she must have had a perfect life behind the lens, but her autobiography, I’m glad my mother died, is a revelation and one of the most powerful memoirs I have ever read.

“It’s a heartbreakingly truthful account of how Jenette was pretty much forced into fame by her mother and the years of emotional and physical abuse she suffered. This book is a must read or to do better and buy the audiobook read by Jennette herself. it will stay with you long after the last chapter.” – Kerry

Best Biography

Anna: the biographyby Amy Odell

“As someone who’s always wanted to work in the media, I was also obsessed with high-profile media figures – and they don’t get much bigger than Anna Wintour, the famed editor of vogue. Anna: the biography by journalist Amy Odell has no direct input from Wintour, but this is the most official version of a biography we’re likely to get, since Wintour has given several people close to him consent to speak with Odell for the book.

The juiciest parts are the chapters on time from Wintour to vogue and his relationships with various people, but it was also interesting to know more about his upbringing – his father, Charles Wintour, was the editor of the London Evening Standard for a number of years and a great inspiration to her – and how she rose through the ranks at Conde Nast. She is a woman who has kept her eyes on the prize and I have been impressed with how she has navigated her career to get to where she is now. I’ve read it mostly on trains while traveling through Italy, and while I recommend it, it’s a bulky book to lug around – if you have a Kindle, better bring the digital version!” – jessica

Best Fiction

See other peopleby Diana Reid

“After two years of confinement, sisters Eleanor and Charlie are ready to start their lives over again. However, after these two years, they must understand what they really want from life and from each other.

“Reid’s rich and profound story evokes so many emotions and feelings that young Australians are feeling right now and have felt during the pandemic in terms of the direction of their lives and relationships. It is a true vision of what young adulthood is all about while being witty and engaging.” – Sat

Best Non-Fiction

The patient doctor, by Dr. Ben Bravery

“Ben Bravery’s book The patient doctor recounts how the Sydney man was diagnosed with bowel cancer – then retrained as a GP. It’s a surprisingly interesting overview of hospitals with anecdotes that will stay with you. Fans of the popular book and TV show This will hurt will love it.” – Sarah

Better self-help

Investing with She’s on the Money, by Victoria Devine

“My finances owe a lot to Victoria Devine. A graduate of her first book She’s on the money, I am now dipping my toes into investing with the help of its latest version. It’s packed with useful (general, of course) advice that’s easy to understand for anyone who finds investing overwhelming (that’s me!).

“This quick read will allow you to make smart financial decisions without stress or confusion. It’s one of those books you’ll write in, dog ear pages and a bookmark you can come back to as you go. that you will progress in your investment journey. And then gift copies to all the women you know!” – carine

The best of the “COVID era”

How far do we go in the darkby Sequoia Nagamatsu

“The novel follows scientist Dr. Cliff Miyashiro as he continues his late daughter’s scientific work, when he discovers a brand new virus that can destroy the world. From there, the novel follows the impacts of this virus on the world ( it should be noted that this virus has nothing to do with COVID-19, so fear not, there won’t really be any triggers that will bring you back to lockdown 2020).

“As the world gets so used to death, crazy concepts and ideas are taking over, including a euthanasia theme park. is epic.” – kate

Best tear shooter

Found, Wantby Natasha Sholl

“I’m a crier, which is probably why I’m drawn to bereavement books. Found, Want by Natasha Sholl recounts how one Valentine’s Day her partner Rob – who is only 27 – dies.

It’s refreshingly honest, raw, and at times funny and dark as she weaves her way through the landscape of grief. As anyone who has lost someone knows, there is no right way to grieve, no linear process and no set timeline. It is learning to live with the loss; something Sholl summed up perfectly in his book.” -Sindy

The best of Australia

Heartstrongby Ellidy Pullin

Written by the widow of Australian Winter Olympics snowboarder Alex “Chumpy” Pullin, author Ellidy takes you through all the feelings of grief and despair after losing her partner and how she coped with the idea of live without him.

Her steps towards motherhood and the baby she and Alex dreamed of is a touching story that will touch you. It’s a heartbreaking but beautiful insight into how tragedy can be turned into something wonderful.

Best of Royals

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, Truth and Turmoilby Tina Brown

“This brick-sized book is the ultimate guide to Britain’s royal family’s biggest scandals, events and key players. From the marriage of Queen Elizabeth to Prince Philip, Camilla’s enduring love affair with the King Charles, Prince William and Kate’s fairy tale union for Prince Harry’s rambunctious teenagers, this book really covers it all. It investigates the damaging phone hacking scandal and how it hurt the young members of the royal family and takes an in-depth look at new member of the monarchy Meghan Markle and why Prince Andrew’s affair has been so damaging.

“The author describes the book as someone Meghan should have read before marrying into the Royal Family to give her a better understanding of the inner workings of the monarchy, including the ups and downs of royal life. book covers over 25 years of history and is a fascinating insight into the House of Windsor.” – Natalie

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