Sartore to Release New Volume of Photo Ark Book Series | Book reviews and short stories

Lincoln’s National Geographic photographer and explorer Joel Sartore will release “Photo Ark Wonders: Celebrating Diversity in the Animal Kingdom” this fall on October 19.

The Photo Ark book series inspires people to care for and help protect animals, funds on-the-ground conservation projects focused on species most in need of protection, and inspires action through educational programs . The new volume of Sartore’s iconic animal portraits shines a light on the shapes, patterns and expressions of familiar and unfamiliar animals.

The four chapters of the book – Pattern, Form, Extra and Personality – combine Sartore’s new images with amusing and often surprising comparisons, such as catfish and mouse with the same stripes on the back, tarantula and poison frog both cobalt blue, or the little lizard and the big ox both sporting pointed horns.

Scientifically accurate legends highlight the distinguishing characteristics of over 200 species.

Sartore also offers personal anecdotes and entertaining moments from his Photo Ark adventures throughout the book, such as his disastrous chimpanzee photoshoot.

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Launching simultaneously, National Geographic will release “PHOTO ARK ABC,” a children’s book of animal pictures that combines Sartore’s photos with playful poems by New York Times bestselling author Debbie Levy to represent the letters of the alphabet and celebrate the diversity of the animal kingdom.

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Alycia R. Lindley