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Those who love science fiction novels no longer need to search for a good, intriguing book. Infected is a must read and was written by New York Times bestselling author Scott Sigler; it keeps you guessing until the end.

Given the recent Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is recovering from the horrors that have taken place over the past two years. Before we quickly forget what the world has been through, we come across another pandemic novel. This book has one of the most interesting premise, strong characters, and great writing.

This article will hint at the main plot of the novel and help you decide whether you should buy it or not. In addition, we have mentioned the main features of the story, so you can quickly find out if this is what suits your taste. So, keep reading till the end to know what this fiction book is about.


The story revolves around the main character named Perry Dawsey, the former football star who struggles to manage his emotions. The boy has a troubled childhood due to his abusive father, who wants him to work hard and be independent. However, Perry is not the perfect child and becomes a disappointment to his father.

Perry thinks his anger issues can hurt others and keeps them in check until he gets infected. While he had yet to make it through his psychological issues, this infection turned him into a box-bound office jockey. The virus begins to show signs of small triangles appearing on its own body, as it finally gets to see a completely different side of itself that it never knew existed. So the story begins here.

Perry Dawsey catches this mysterious disease which is highly contagious and spreads like fire. Without knowing it, he transfers it to the people he meets daily. However, infected people do not isolate themselves and continue to spread the infection until they become paranoid murderers.

Later, after a few cases were noticed in America, everyone started to take the situation seriously. CIA agent Dew Phillips travels the country in hopes of capturing a victim alive. However, he fails in his attempt and is forced to encounter only rotting corpses. The book also introduces Margaret Montoya, who Drew is involved with and wants to save her life and career amid the tragic pandemic.

The team also discovers that there have been several mysterious welts from everyday people. During a bloody war, Perry fights for his life while the other infected inflict brutal horrors on strangers.

The story ends quickly but calls for a sequel. The next two novels, Contagious and Ancestor, continue the story with a more exciting theme.

main Features

Unlike other alien invasion novels, Scott Sigler’s Infected is a one-man thriller. You may have already understood the central theme after the detailed overview. From the mysterious disease spreading to the bloody war Perry faces, we experience brutal horror involving chemicals.

Moreover, the second most important theme is science fiction. Protagonist Perry Dawsey begins to see unusual bodily transformations within him, resembling tiny robotic parasites. Thus, science fiction mixes here with horror, making readers imagine unreal scenes.

Likewise, there is also a touch of mystery. From the beginning, we discussed the growth of mysterious welts and evasive, clever viruses. People wonder about the infection and how she got infected in the story. This is where the author keeps us in suspense.

We also suffer mutilation since many character transformations take place within the story. The ordinary human race becomes paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horror on all around them. Likewise, Perry struggles to get rid of the beast that takes control of him.

Finally, we have small sections that remind us of an apocalypse. Everything switches from a completely normal world to the infliction of parasites that feed on humans. Also, people lose control of themselves and start hurting their own families.

Unreal Events – Science Fiction Infected Blends

If you thought this book contained real events, we encourage you to calm down and breathe deeply.. The novel and its successors are based on imaginary events; thus, they are all a work of fiction and fantasy. Therefore, we can say that thriller and horror buffs rejoice in mixing it with science fiction.

The way Mr. Sigler writes and takes the story forward and includes realism often confuses the reader. It’s a way of creating horror by having real-life events so the reader can feel the effects as if they were seeing it with their own eyes. This trait is unique to Scott Sigler, which is quite evident in almost all of his books.

Where can you buy the infected book?

So, you now have a clear idea of ​​what the book is about, and if you liked what you read here, we assure you that you will love the Infected Trilogy. Those who want to buy this masterpiece can also get a copy in hardcovers and audiobooks..


Infected is another science fiction novel by Michigan national bestselling author Scott Sigler. The book is about a mysterious disease that is spreading among the human race, causing people to commit brutal horrors that go beyond simple murder. It doesn’t stop there and they become dangerous even to their own family. The story is interesting, but few people know the series yet.

Therefore, we have created this article to give our opinion on this beautiful novel that can keep you reading for days. So grab your comfy chair and visit the nearest library to get started with this jaw-dropping story. In the end, you’ll know it was worth your time. Good reading!

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