The Hollywood Book Reviews on Darkwind Chronicles: The Second Act

Darkwind Chronicles: The Second Act, this out-of-this-world literal and figurative novel is the second installment of author Christopher Michael Cifelli’s Darkwind Chronicles. It’s a twisted novel that’s both beautiful and deeply disturbing. It’s one you could read in one sitting because the narrator seems so unnervingly naive, and the more you uncover, the more you itch to know what secrets lie beneath the surface.

Darkwind Chronicles: The Second Act received a favorable review from Hollywood Book Reviews. The review reads: “Author Christopher Michael Cifelli offers readers a wonderfully written, action-packed tale that will keep them on the edge of their seat and wanting more. Darkwind Chronicles feels a little fast, but it’s a natural flow that doesn’t make the story feel rushed. Readers will want to turn the page wanting to know what will happen next for Magnetin and Delphine. While a lot happens throughout the tale, readers won’t get lost along the way like they might with other epic fantasies. Cifelli gives readers a fantasy novel where the characters are not the typical elf, human or dwarf, but characters who are often considered the “evil races” such as draconians, orcs, trolls and were-beasts. It’s refreshing to see something different.

Darkwind Chronicles: The Second Act follow the adventure of Magnetin who has just become a dragon knight as he has always dreamed of and discovers that his father is still alive. Although they returned shortly after their last trip, Magnetin and his friend embark on another quest; returning to places where he experienced elemental trials, in search of additional power to keep Wraith from causing more trouble. But with spies in his party, who can Magnetin trust? Magnetin and his friends have started another dangerous task and must find the strength in themselves and each other to succeed.

Hollywood book reviewer Jennifer Bailey praised Cifelli for her unique stream-of-consciousness writing style that twists the characters’ interaction with the characters’ thoughts and emotions. She invited readers to buy the book and promises them that they will feel like they are part of the story and fight alongside the two protagonists.

Bailey added that Cifelli’s descriptive painting of her characters will make her readers feel like something they’ve always known. The non-linear story is full of surprising secrets that keep coming until the very end.

The book’s dialogue is natural and easy to follow; it doesn’t feel jerky, forced or disjointed. To say anything else would spoil this engrossing, one-of-a-kind novel full of surprises and paced like a thriller.

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About the Author

Christopher Cifelli was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and attended the former Edward Bok Vocational High School. While Christopher has been writing for some time, Darkwind Chronicles: The First Act is his first attempt at publishing a book.

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