“Well Worth the Time” Pacific Book Reviews on One Lifetime is Not Enough

Pacific Book Review’s Lily Amanda comes out with an inspiring tale, “a life is not enough is a thoughtful book steeped in life lessons and charming characters. Well worth the time.

This young adult fictional adventure book written by author Rex Nelson Greenwald writes deep and thought-provoking reading, this book is a must read for anyone interested in strengthening relationships with family, people, and God.

Coy’s adventure begins when he first meets Growler, a war veteran, and develops a sudden interest in getting to know him more, ignoring the outward appearances people so often use to form opinions about someone. ‘a. Coy felt that something inside Growler was more than interesting, intriguing, and perhaps truly special. Neither Growler nor Coy had any idea of ​​the eternal implication their relationship would have on each of them after they first met. Coy further establishes lasting friendships and learns life lessons and practices with each passing day.

Pacific Book Review praised Greenwald’s well-crafted story and well-written narrative. Amanda recognized the freshness and subtle humor as well as the life lessons the book provides to keep everyone engaged.

She writes, “The author does not rush the plot but rather gives readers time to blend with the characters and understand their personalities. Perhaps what I liked most about this book is how perfectly the characters’ emotions are expressed in words. It made me feel like I was part of the story from the start.

A life is not enough” caught the reader’s attention by telling them to slow down, not rush things, and let their lives unfold while thinking a bit. “Through the main character, Coy, the author affirms that it takes patience and skill to unravel the things people have learned from life, from others, and from themselves. Coy lived with the hope that he would somehow learn, somehow. Amanda said.

As well as receiving excellent reader reviews and positive feedback. It also contains inner wisdom and inspirational Bible verses.

“1 Samuel 16:7: “But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not at his countenance, nor at the height of his stature; for I have rejected him; for the LORD does not see how man is bubbling; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Eternal looks at the heart. Through this powerful writing, the book focuses on not judging people by appearances because they might be fighting hidden battles. The book is divided into two parts which alternate over the chapters. Part One focused on Coy’s experiences at the age of twelve and Part Two focused on twenty-two-year-old Coy and the impact summer vacation had on him.

Sometimes the best wisdom comes from a less obvious source: this page-turner from Greenwald is one of them. It will help readers see the world a little differently and stay there long after reading the last page.

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